Acceptance Criteria

Storage and Treatment Plant

Acceptance criteria for Waste and Substitute Building Material

Terms of Delivery:

  • Waste and Substitute Building Material can be delivered in covered skips or articulated lorries on presentation of an “Abfallpass” issued by ASCA. The weight determined at the calibrated weighbridge of the landfill will form the basis for the invoicing.

  • Material dimensions and properties are to be fixed with ASCA. The material must be delivered in solid consistency. Acceptance of pasty, muddy, mushy or dusty materials by separate agreement only. Materials whose liquid content exceeds the respective retention capacity (liquid leakage) or which are contaminated with volatile pollutants must always be delivered and left in sealed skips.

  • The material has to be free from foreign matter and from explosives, chemical or biological weapons and radioactive substances as well as from genetically modified cells, viruses, bacteria, spores and other pathogens. Material intended for bioremediation may not contain substances inhibiting degradation processes (e.g. antibiotics, pesticides etc.).

  • On arrival, during weighing, an acceptance check based on the accompanying documents and a visual inspection are carried out. ASCA reserves the right to reject material which has been incorrectly declared or which does not conform to the above specifications. ASCA also reserves the right to keep accepted material safe and to charge the supplier / client any additional costs for a higher-ranked waste removal.

  • A maximum quantity of 1,000 t can be delivered to the plant in any one day. Should a return of accepted material to the customer (after temporary storage and/or treatment) have been agreed, a maximum of 1,000 t per day will be loaded by ASCA for pick-up by the client.

Delivery/reloading can take place from Monday to Friday.

Delivery and/or pick-up appointments can be arranged with Mr. Kurpierz, Mr. Beba or Mr. Necker (phone: +49 – (0)241 – 900 32 60).

Chemical and Physical Material Properties:

Sampling and Analysis

For the acceptance of waste or substitute building material, the analysis result report of an approved laboratory must be submitted, together with the “Probenbegleitprotokoll” of the laboratory and the “Probenahmeprotokoll” of the certified sampler according to “LAGA PN98”.

For the analysis result report, the extent of the analysis is determined on a case-by-case basis. This depends on the origin of the material (development processes, previous uses, causes of damage) and on the type of processing envisaged.

The supplier / client guarantees that the analysis results presented to ASCA are based on a representative sample and that the delivered material is not furthermore polluted.

ASCA reserves the right to request a representative material sample from the client.

Documentation according to Waste Legislation:

For the acceptance of materials from foreign EU countries the procedures according to the Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste have to be followed.


Accepted material will remain the client’s property throughout temporary storage period.