Successful Remediation Has a Competent Partner

ASCA Altlasten-Sanierungs-Center Aachen provides services to the environmental sector. We are specialised in remediation and waste management.

Our experience is based on numerous projects of different size in the fields of contaminated land, land recycling and mineral waste management.

Remediation • Treatment • Recovery • Disposal to Landfill


ASCA GmbH & Co. KG started in early 1995 as a subsidiary of a group of well established companies from the construction and environmental sector in the region of Aachen in the western part of Germany. Today, ASCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Davids GmbH, Geilenkirchen.

Our objective is to provide environmentally sustainable and economically advantageous solutions for soil remediation and mineral waste management. We have an experienced and dedicated team of specialists offering their services to our clients. Our company maintains close contact with the authorities and research facilities in the region, which is home to the renowned RWTH Aachen University. This enables us to continuously develop innovative and practical processes.

Working with our company, you are guaranteed a thorough and committed state-of-the-art environmental service.

You are also welcome to visit our parent company Davids at

Committed to Service


Our services are:

  • separation and pre-treatment
  • microbiological, physico-chemical and thermal treatment
  • temporary storage
  • recovery and disposal

of contaminated soil, construction waste and other mineral waste.

The One-Stop-Shop for Remediation

On request, we also offer the complete handling of your projects. This service includes:

  • sampling and analysis
  • excavation, loading and transport
  • supervision of the project / project management
  • verification and handling of all formalities according to waste legislation

This way you can be sure that your action is carried out following current legislation and best practice with regard to environmental protection.

Our Facility

Material contaminated with petroleum-hydrocarbons or other organic substances can be treated micro-biologically. Applying the appropriate combination of processes / treatment we guarantee the most cost effective and prompt solution to your requirements, while at the same time ensuring resource efficiency.

Our storage and treatment plant in Aldenhoven is easily accessible from the E40 (A44) motorway linking Düsseldorf and Aachen. We can accept up to 70,000 tonnes of soil, construction- and other mineral waste per year for separation and pre-treatment as well as for storage and bioremediation. In total, 3,600 sqm (0.9 acre) of covered storage and treatment area are available.

Recycled Construction Materials for Sustainable Building

For lightly polluted soil and construction waste we offer a variety of recovery options, depending on their composition and quality. Also material treated microbiologically by ASCA is subsequently fed back to the market in compliance with all current legislation and for reuse in:

  • construction projects
  • noise-protection barriers
  • landfill engineering

Highly impacted mineral waste is fed to physico-chemical or thermal treatment facilities for later recovery or disposal.

Beyond Recycling


Waste or fractions of waste which cannot be recycled have to be transferred to a certified waste disposal site in accordance with waste regulations.

Mineral waste with pollutions up to landfill class DK I can be accepted at the landfill of our parent company Davids at our Aldenhoven site. Furthermore, we offer disposal of other mineral waste to landfill at the most competitive rates on the market, in cooperation with our approved suppliers / partners.

You are welcome to visit the landfill of our parent company Davids at

Administration Aachen

ASCA Altlasten-Sanierungs-Center Aachen GmbH & Co. KG
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Mr. Dipl.-Geol. Yorck Necker (Managing Director)
Mr. Dipl.-Min. Dirk Beba (Technical Manager)
Mr. Christian Kurpierz M.Sc. (Project Manager)

Fon: +49 – (0)241 – 900 32 60
Fax: +49 – (0)241 – 900 32 6-22

Plant Aldenhoven

ASCA Altlasten-Sanierungs-Center Aachen GmbH & Co. KG
An der L228
D-52457 Aldenhoven

Opening hours
April to October:  Mon – Fri  6:30 am – 4:45 pm
November to March:  Mon – Fri  7:00 am – 4:45 pm

Mr. Dipl.-Min. Dirk Beba (Technical Manager)
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Fax: +49 – (0)241 – 900 32 6-22

On-site weighbridge
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Administration Aachen